Ever After (loves1stkiss) wrote in novahighschool,
Ever After


So the day I decide to buy a senior decal I get fucking hit in the back parking lot.

Whoever did this WILL get caught. My dad is bestfriends with Mr.Lacasse and he will go through hell and back to find out who hit me.

If ANYONE finds out any clues let me know- talk to kids around school and be like "did you hear about that kid who hit that girls grey jetta wednesday?" please do anything to find out ANY clues. I want to know who did it because I feel fucking violated.

What kid wouldn't leave a note? I wish I went to a school with less dicks.

So please, if anyone knows anything please comment, or email me at: Alicies@aol.com

If you- the hitter- are reading this, email me and we can discuss it like we should've. If not I'm going to find out either way. So do it now before the cops know.
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